​Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) raises the levels of oxygen in the body's blood plasma, leading to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body's tissues, organs, and brain.  HBOT promotes relaxation, stimulates the body's healing process, increases stamina and endurance, strengthens heart and lungs, relieves muscle stiffness, reduces fatigue, improves sleeping problems  and also helps the body to return to a state of balance and well being.​

HBOT enhances the oxygen delivery to all tissues in the body. During HBOT the 100% oxygen that we breathe combined with higher pressure, delivers up to 15 times the oxygen concentration to all the body fluids, including plasma, cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord, lymph, and intracellular fluids. This allows oxygen levels to increase even in areas with blocked or compromised blood supply as a result of inflammation, injuries or illness.

Increasing tissue oxygen levels produces several important long term therapeutic benefits including enhanced  growth of new blood vessels,increased ability of white blood vessels to destroy bacteria and remove toxins, increased growth of fibroblasts (cells involved in wound healing), and enhanced metabolic activity of previously marginally functioning cells including brain neurons. Not too long ago, doctors and scientists thought that once damaged, tissue in the brain could not heal. Recently, doctors using HBOT have demonstrated that not only can brain tissue heal, even brain tissue with old injuries can be restored to functioning. HBOT appears to be effective at restoring cell function to tissue everywhere in the body—including the brain.

Cost of HBOT 
Our Sessions are 1 hour in length and begin when the chamber is fully pressurized.. Therefore, please allow approximately 1 1/2 hours for your appointment time. The cost for an individual session is $85.00. Although single treatment sessions of HBOT are beneficial, research suggests that 40 or more treatments have proven to have the most beneficial results.We offer the following money saving packages: Packages must be pre-paid. Because the research suggests that the most benefit is achieved with daily treatments, it is recommended that you schedule your sessions daily, Monday through Saturday, and continue until your series is completed. Spacing your treatments farther apart may reduce the amount of benefits that you receive or delay progress.       

10 Sessions - $   750.00 ($75/session)        
20 Sessions - $ 1300.00 ($65/session) 
30 Sessions - $ 1800.00 ($60/session)        
40 Sessions - $ 2000.00 ($50/session)

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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy